Organic Seaweed and Living Clay


This unique and one of a kind combination boosts our Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak Detox experience to a whole new level of Healing. With a generous portion of USDA Certified Organic Sustainable Seaweed and Bentonite “Living Clay”, you will see and feel an immediate heal to the entire body with your very first Soak!! Bentonite “Living Clay” is weathered volcanic ash that becomes alive when introduced to fluids and acts as an Extreme magnet to pull out toxins deep in the skin and cells. Organic Sustainable Seaweed, stimulates circulation and helps cleanse the lymph system where toxins hide!  Scented with only the finest Bergapetene- free Bergamot Essential Oils.

Soaking Benefits: Safely Remove daily Toxins, Stimulate and restore a proper Lymph System, Ease stress, Raise energy levels,  Excellent for Increasing Blood Circulation, Increase Oxygen levels, Relieve Muscle Aches and Stiffness, Relieve and Revive Skin Conditions,  Maximum Support for your Immune System. Use once a week for optimal performance.

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