• Dead Sea Salt Cravings

    I don’t think there is any denying it now that summer is behind us for the year. I don’t know about you, but with the changing of seasons I often find myself reflecting on the passed season and pondering on all the blessings that it has brought me. I also find myself with a renewed energy and purpose for what the new season will bring.

    In my recent reflections and research (because you know I love to research,) I have been drawn to the buzz surrounding the benefits of compresses for healing and rejuvenating. Using a hot or cold compress using essential oils is like giving that particular part of the body it’s own personal healing treatment. It’s a quick way to focus on a certain part of the body for fifteen to twenty minutes. My favorite way to compress an individual body part is to apply our Bay Rum Shea treatment to my feet and compress with heat. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

    With the transition of seasons it’s almost as if I’m ready for a metamorphosis. It’s time for my body to be soothed, treated, and renewed. And I can not think of a better way than a full-body compress. That’s right! Take a bath for fifteen to twenty minutes at least once a week. And when you sprinkle in some Wild Child Botanicals Dead Sea bath soaks you will enter a time-capsule to heal both your body and your mind. It’s one of the simplest ways for self-care.

    Every day that we live on this Earth, we are exposed to an environment that can be less than kind …pesky oxidation. This depletes our bodies of minerals that we need for optimal function. It’s a constant cycle of depletion and replenishment. When we deplete precious minerals it causes a myriad of complications that can include abdominal discomfort (bloating, constipation, etc.,) muscle cramping, fatigue, weakness, blood pressure and heart irregularities just to name a few.

    Mineral deficiencies can be addressed with diet, but it can also be remedied by taking a warm bath using Dead Sea bath soaks because our skin absorbs the minerals from the salts. Each and every time I take a fifteen minute bath, I have a much better night of rest than the days I do not take a bath. Our Organic Seaweed Detox bath soak is my favorite! Seaweed is just incredible with it’s numerous benefits. Not only is it an amazing source of additional minerals, but it also aids in thyroid support, gut health, heart health, and its an excellent source or antioxidants.

    When you use a scoop of any of Wild Child’s Dead Sea bath soaks, you aren’t just replenishing depleted minerals for your body. Dead Sea salts are also known for helping alleviate skin disorder symptoms from eczema and psoriases. So do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to a nice big body compress this month. We are offering all of our Dead Sea bath soaks at a discount to help you wind down from the summer and invigorate for the fall. Happy healing and God bless.

  • Hard at Work

    Boy oh boy friends! Am I excited to share a new product I’ve been working on?! It’s tough sometimes when making soaps because the time between creation and when it’s ready is weeks! The curing of our hand-made cold pressed soap is completed and this luxurious soap is live on the website. Of course if you follow my Instagram stories, you already know what it is.

    All of the soaps made here at Wild Child Botanicals use exotic plant-based oils because of the rich, natural, and lotion-like quality it produces in it’s lather. They will leave your skin feeling enriched, hydrated, and softened with the very first use. We have so many incredible soaps to choose from already but the creative artist inside would not let me rest. I wanted to bring you something new and original!

    Knowing the world could use a positive pick-me-up, I was inspired to work with citrus essential oils. Citrus essential oils are known to give an energizing sensation to people. Lemon specifically is known as the “happy oil.” I chose to use organic Italian lemon because the growing climate in Italy produces a zesty and bold intoxicating scent. And by using organic, we can be assured no toxins will be present.

    Of course I didn’t stop with essential oils. I wanted to take this soap even further. And exfoliation is where its at! Not only are you going to feel hydrated and happy, but you are also going to feel smoother with refreshed and renewed skin from the red raspberry seeds and lemon peel I added as a mild and natural exfoliant. The lemon peel along with turmeric also gives this soap its natural coloring. And the final piece of this superior soapy experience is the calendula I added for decoration. But this decoration serves us in more ways than visual appreciation. Calendula oil comes from marigold flowers and its often used because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It’s been known to effectively sooth irritating symptoms of those with eczema.

    Each time I bring a new product to my customers, I think about your needs and wants. How can my product make your life and health better? I want to give the best ingredients, in the best products, for the BEST customers! Thank you so much for your support. As a thank you, we are giving everyone an introductory sales price for this soap. You truly are the best!

    With all this, I present to you Organic Italian Lemon soap!

  • French Lavender

    What was one of the first essential oils you heard about or used? Was it lavender? When many people first venture into the world of essential oils lavender is often one of the first ones they find themselves delving into. This isn’t a coincidence. Lavender is a highly adaptogen (don’t you love that word?) oil. This means it climbs into each little cell in your body and turns it into whatever your body needs. WILD! Right?! What better adaptogen than lavender for anti aging!! It will help keep those wrinkles at bay and prevent new ones! And this is precisely why every single body needs this beautiful and miraculously made essential oil.

    But know that not all lavender is created equally. Here at Wild Child Botanicals, we are in love with the high altitude French lavender. Our lavender grows at around 1,000 meters at the foothills of the Alps, in the Provence region of France. It has a 44% linalyl acetate content indicating a superior quality oil. And its overall ester content is 50-52%, which gives this exceptionally fine oil its gentle, rounded aroma.

    We are so excited this month because we have created a gorgeous new hand-made artisan soap made using this delicious essential oil. Each of our soaps are PH balanced so that they don’t disrupt your skin’s unique needs. And we chose the french lavender for all the incredible benefits it brings to your skin such as soothing inflammation, burns, cuts, wounds, ulcers, acne, eczema, and dermatitis. It is also one of the best oils to help with scar healing and visibility. Its aromatherapy will also bring you a deep sense of relaxation as well as promoting more compassion and tenderness towards others. If only everyone could have a bit of this right now.

    For the month of August we are going to be sharing this soap and all of our lavender scented products with you at 20% off regular prices. Keep in mind we have less than 20 weekends left to shop for Christmas. Wild Child Botanicals makes beautiful gifts.

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