• French Lavender

    What was one of the first essential oils you heard about or used? Was it lavender? When many people first venture into the world of essential oils lavender is often one of the first ones they find themselves delving into. This isn’t a coincidence. Lavender is a highly adaptogen (don’t you love that word?) oil. This means it climbs into each little cell in your body and turns it into whatever your body needs. WILD! Right?! What better adaptogen than lavender for anti aging!! It will help keep those wrinkles at bay and prevent new ones! And this is precisely why every single body needs this beautiful and miraculously made essential oil.

    But know that not all lavender is created equally. Here at Wild Child Botanicals, we are in love with the high altitude French lavender. Our lavender grows at around 1,000 meters at the foothills of the Alps, in the Provence region of France. It has a 44% linalyl acetate content indicating a superior quality oil. And its overall ester content is 50-52%, which gives this exceptionally fine oil its gentle, rounded aroma.

    We are so excited this month because we have created a gorgeous new hand-made artisan soap made using this delicious essential oil. Each of our soaps are PH balanced so that they don’t disrupt your skin’s unique needs. And we chose the french lavender for all the incredible benefits it brings to your skin such as soothing inflammation, burns, cuts, wounds, ulcers, acne, eczema, and dermatitis. It is also one of the best oils to help with scar healing and visibility. Its aromatherapy will also bring you a deep sense of relaxation as well as promoting more compassion and tenderness towards others. If only everyone could have a bit of this right now.

    For the month of August we are going to be sharing this soap and all of our lavender scented products with you at 20% off regular prices. Keep in mind we have less than 20 weekends left to shop for Christmas. Wild Child Botanicals makes beautiful gifts.

  • Our Guardian Angel: Vollie Mae

    My mother was diagnosed with cancer in late 2000. Her prognosis wasn’t good. The doctor gave little hope and gave her just a few months to live. But my mother was a fighter. She didn’t accept that fate and she went right to work doing research. This was twenty years ago before Google. She looked into everything. She researched not only what went into her body but also what went onto her body. She fought and was able to extend her life for nearly SEVEN additional years. Just incredible!

    During her research she was such a wealth of knowledge. She shared her newly acquired information with her family often. She told us no matter what, never wear antiperspirant. I think this may be more common knowledge in today’s time, but she was definitely a pioneer for health knowledge in her day. My mom knew that food was either for healing or for hurting and she took her diet seriously. She also shared how anything we touch our skin with is readily absorbed into our bodies and our bloodstream. Our shampoos, hand-soaps, lotions, toothpaste, hair gel, dish soap, laundry soap, and even what we clean our home with has a compound effect on our health over time. It’s because of her that I became an avid label reader. These common products are things we use daily. Not only on ourselves, but our families, our small children! And what my mother found was there were TONS of toxic ingredients in our personal and household care items. Toxins that can cause neurological issues, respiratory issues, hormone disrupters, and CANCER!

    Once she knew she needed to clean house (and body,) she began looking for safer alternatives. And that’s how she found Wild Child Botanicals. At the time, it was a local small business in Michigan. Mom loved their products and used them all the time. After she passed, the business came up for sale, and my step-dad bought the business. He created a scent in her memory which has become our number #1 selling scent, Vollie Mae. And after a few years, and a visit from my mother in a dream, I bought the business from him to carry on her legacy.

    Although Wild Child Botanicals understands the importance of using safer ingredients, like my mother, we also understand that sometimes a woman wants to feel like a woman. This is why we chose to keep some of the fragrance oils in our line like with Vollie Mae. Mom was so good about balance. She understood and passed onto me that sometimes you want the dang glass of wine and sometimes you want to smell like a lady. She was also careful to put the perfume and fragrance oils on her clothing rather than her skin to minimize her exposure. And I also take precautions in where I source our ingredients to keep them as pure and safe as possible.

    We truly want the best of the best for the best customers in the world. Thank you for trusting us with your health. God bless and happy healing.

    Vollie Mae
  • Bay Rum History & Benefits

    When I hear the words Bay Rum I feel immediately transported to a beautiful island somewhere in the West Indies. This delicious smelling essential oil has quite a unique back story. It is traced back to sailors who would spend months out to sea. And as I’m sure you can imagine, they began to smell less than desirable. They came across the leaves on the bay trees which have a delightful spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of clove. When they rubbed the leaves over their skin, the oil from the leaves transferred and helped them smell much better. Then they found if they steep the leaves in one of their most favorite beverages known as rum that it would add an even better layer of spicy aroma. The blend of the leaves and the rum became their go-to-deodorant of the seas.

    Bay Rum not only smells like heaven but it has many benefits for healing. When diluted with a proper carrier oil it can be used as a massage oil that helps relieve sore muscles and joints. It’s great for those who need to relax after a hard workout. And it’s also worked to alleviate symptoms from arthritis. It has been my go-to essential oil for our sweet aging horse, Scarlett.


    When Bay Rum is diffused it aids in relaxation and helps to alleviate those unbearable symptoms from respiratory complaints like coughs and colds. It is a potent antibacterial and has found to be effective against bacterial strains such as E.coli and salmonella. It also has a generous amount of anti-fungal properties. Its excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for tending to minor wounds such as cuts, bites, and scrapes. Be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil before dabbing it gently around the affected area.

    And of course it has many benefits for skin. It acts as an astringent that helps tighten your skin and reduces and balances oil production. Wild Child Botanicals offers a variety of products with this enriching essential oil. First, our artisan hand-made soap makes an excellent body soap and facial wash. It will balance oil production and it leaves your body feeling moisturized and smelling incredible. Our Dead Sea Salt scrub will remove old dry skin and leave you feeling polished and new. It will expose a fresh new layer of skin giving you that beautiful summer glow. The Green Tea Shea skin treatment helps aid in bacterial removal and serves as an excellent face moisturizer. And you can finish up your daily pampering with our non-greasy extreme moisturizing body lotion. It’s alluring spicy aroma make it an excellent gift. Say… for Father’s Day. And for the month of May, all of our Bay Rum products are 20% off.

    Happy Healing and God Bless.