Using Warming Essential Oils During the Flu Season

BY: | POSTED: December 28th, 2017

We all at one time or another experience the dreaded FLU! It sneaks up on us and attacks with no mercy.

Never fear… essential oils to the rescue.

In the ancient times, essential oils were used very readily and easily. The simple rule to follow are these: If your body is cold, use warm essential oils, if your body is hot, use cooling essential oils, moist body then use drying oils.

In the winter, we need to use Essential Oils that are warming. We love our Bay Rum Intense Shea Treatment and Bay Rum handmade Artisan Soap for the winter blues and flu.

The Therapeutic oils are a synergy of warmth and healing for the body. Best used on the feet before bed and behind the neck. If flying, place inside of nose to help keep out harmful bacteria.

Also, use Bay Rum Shea Intense Treatment on aches and pains. Try massaging onto the stress areas before bed (women hold stress behind the neck and on the shoulders, men hold stress in their calves) works wonders and you will have an amazing nights sleep!!

Hope you all have a very wonderful New Year and stay warm and healthy.

We never recommend essential oils on children under the age of 6. If on prescribed medication, always consult a Doctor before using anything out of the ordinary.