Wild Child Botanicals: How We Started, Where We Work, & Why We Do It!

BY: | POSTED: February 2nd, 2018

At Wild Child Botanicals, we pride ourselves on offering you all-natural products that draw the inherent good that Creation radiates.

Our owner Christie is passionate about creating products with your conscience in mind that not only empower your skin but improve your way of life while also being sustainable and green for the environment.  When Christie’s mother, Vollie Mae, was diagnosed with cancer and given just a short time to live, she decided to make a life change.  She began to limit the amount of toxins she was putting in, and on, her body.  Through her search for alternative, all-natural products, she found Wild Child Botanicals a then Michigan based company.  The changes Vollie Mae experienced after embracing a natural, healthy diet and using WCB’s skincare to detoxify her body were remarkable, and she shared every detail of the journey with Christie.  Originally given 3 months to live, Vollie Mae’s family said good-bye to her 7 years later.  When Wild Child Botanicals became available for purchase, Christie knew she needed to keep the products which her mother and she loved so much accessible.

Christie has spent and continues to spend countless hours researching each ingredient in Wild Child Botanicals’ product line to ensure it is the best quality it can be.  Since owning Wild Child, Christie and her daughter, Alissa, have enjoyed creating and formulating the Wild Child line in an old house on their family farm in Knoxville, TN.  The house is original to the property, and every Wild Child Botanicals product is developed, created, and packaged by hand in the house.  The Wild Child house, as it’s been lovingly deemed, overlooks the horse and donkey pasture and, in the distance, the Great Smoky Mountains.  Being surrounded by the beauty of Creation is a wonderful reminder of the all-natural goal we strive to achieve with the Wild Child products.

Wild Child Botanicals represents over 20 years of methodically researched, tried, and trusted formulations to help you live a healthier, more beautiful life.  Each product is infused with essential oils from reputable suppliers all over the world who practice sustainability and cruelty-free manners.  Our product line consists of artisan cold pressed soaps, bath salts, dead sea salt scrubs, shea treatments, and lotions with more items to come!  WCB products are created to help reduce the toxins you are putting on your body; therefore, promoting wellness of your skin, the largest organ in the body.

To learn more about our products visit our product information page, or contact us HERE.  To purchase products, visit our online shop or one of our valued retailers.  Have a specific issue such as acne scars?  We’d love to help. Contact us!