Benefits of Using Handmade Cold-Pressed Soap

BY: | POSTED: March 27th, 2018

We all LOVE our skin!  We go to great lengths to meet its needs every day.  But what does you skin really need? It needs NATURE…lots of nature.  Nature nurtures.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It’s also the most susceptible to natural and not-so-natural elements.  An item you probably use daily on your skin is some type of cleanser, and if it is not labeled soap then chances are its mostly chemicals.  Sorry, but it’s true.  It’s one of those day-to-day products we take for granted.  Soaps often combine advanced ingredients, but the essential idea of soap, as we know it, is based on cleaning, deodorizing, moisturizing, and, hopefully, leaving us with a pleasant scent.

There are different methods of making soap.  At Wild Child Botanicals, we use the good old-fashioned cold-press process of soap making.  This method not only dates back thousands of years but enables us to use the most beneficial plant oils, therapeutic essential oils, and natural exfoliants.

We create gentle soaps that we cure over 6 weeks!  This produces a luxurious lather, ultimate cleansing, one-of-a-kind fresh scent, and a long-lasting bar of soap.

Here are a few more reasons to give cold-pressed soap a try:

  1. The Creamy Feel

Cold-pressed soaps are full of all-natural plant and therapeutic essential oils that promote optimal skin conditioning and cleansing.  These combined ingredients create a creamy lather for moisturization that penetrates deep into the skin to help minimize dryness and itchiness.

  1. Inherently Natural

Our cold-pressed soaps are naturally made and never tested on animals.  The cold-press method ensures that the natural ingredients are better preserved.

  1. Kind to Your Skin and the Environment

There’s no harsh chemicals involved, making them better for your skin and the environment.

  1. Intensive Scent

Cold-pressed soaps are fragranced with essential and aromatic oils that help contribute a unique scent to each batch.  Because of the plant oils used, cold-pressed soap takes several weeks to fully cure which causes the scent to intensify over time.

  1. Innate Healing

Glycerin is a natural by-product of handmade soap and a natural humectant.  Humectants attract moisture from the air to your skin.  Many soap companies take the glycerin out of the soap. Have you ever experienced using a soap that leaves your skin feeling drier than it did before using it?  Either very little or possibly no glycerin has been left in the soap causing this dryness.  Handmade cold-pressed soap also leaves your skin pH balanced.

Wild Child Botanicals is proud to offer all-natural handmade cold-pressed artisan soaps that empower your skin through a rich, creamy lather that leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed. The cold-press process we used has no added detergents which strip the skin of its natural oils. Our cold-pressed soaps are better for the environment, healthier for the skin, and can be made to be incredibly moisturizing.  It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty sitting in your shower, too!

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