Chicken Tales from the Farm

BY: | POSTED: October 30th, 2018

Here on the farm we have an adorable brood of chickens. If you wanted to look into getting your own flock of chickens, I have found many articles on the ole Google and Pinterest that go into great detail on the pros and (very few) cons of having your own chickens. I want to share with you my own personal experience.

First is of course the eggs. YUMMMM!! They are superior to grocery store eggs. I know what I feed my chickens and so I know the good quality food they eat. My chickens are happy and I believe happy chickens make better eggs. They enjoy being sung to and do not care if I am off beat and tone deaf. Perfect Audience. And if you have never experienced the taste of a fresh farm egg, you are definitely missing out. They are much richer and just have more flavor and I’ve also found I don’t get the after effects such as the re-tasting of the egg (if you know what I mean) that I get with store bought eggs.

I absolutely love watching them run all over the yard. It’s life! When I’m watching them run around I just feel part of something organic which I think we are just inherently drawn to. My chickens know who I am. And it’s a special feeling when they trust me enough to let me get close to their babies. We have such sweet and attentive mamas. If a baby gets lost the mama will run all over with her other chicks in tow to find that one lost baby.

We rescued a few roosters and now have our own little nerdy gang. They hang out together and each one has his own little personality. I’ve never had a mean rooster. Knock on wood. I think roosters sometimes get a bad reputation because my little guys are so sweet and love to be around us.

We have a total of eight nesting boxes available for our sweet hens (and yes, it is heated in the winter time) But for some reason our two mamas who recently had babies both shared one box and they helped take care of each others babies. How sweet is that!? We love our Good Mamas!!