Winter Preparation

BY: | POSTED: November 30th, 2018

Here on the farm we have so many sweet animals to love on. From the chickens, piggies, and ducks to the horses, donkeys, and chickens. And of course we can’t forget about Tommy the goat and our farm dogs. With all these adorable mouths to feed we have some responsibilities to make sure that our animals are not only fed and safe but also comfortable this winter.

There are many things that go into winter preparation for a farm. My top three most important tasks are to first, buy lots straw for beds and for extra warmth. We use another small business local to Knoxville to get our straw.

Along with purchasing the straw for beds, I also make sure to get lots and lots of grass hay to feed everyone. When winter comes there is no longer an abundance of fresh pasture grass so we want to make sure our babes have plenty of yummy goodness to get through those harsher winter months.

And finally, just like us, the animals don’t want to be cold so I do a barnyard heater sweep. We keep the barn heated in the winter with several heaters. I go around and check each one to make sure its in working order and maintenance any that aren’t up to our standards.

It’s a bit of planning and work but the efforts are so worth it. When I walk up to the barn all the animals are so happy to see me. They are almost as happy to see me as I am to see them.