Blessings of a Farm

BY: | POSTED: December 22nd, 2018

At Christmas time I reflect where my blessings are, where my love is, and how I honor Jesus.  Since I was ten years old I have dreamt of having my own farm. I imagined having my own horse that would be running in my pasture and coming into my yard. My ultimate vision, prayer, and gift for myself was to be able to walk around my property and to give love to my animals.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life. The mortgage, the utilities, putting food on the table, and the other important needs for my family could sometimes take my vision out of focus. Although at times I felt like my ultimate dream may not come true, I did my best to always have it tucked away in my mind; never letting it go while continuing to carry out my daily responsibilities and duties.

I’m still learning more about my dreams. I’m still nurturing and growing them; giving them their sunshine and water if you will. It isn’t completed yet. It’s not only important to stay true to my vision, but to also have a growing relationship with God and Jesus. It’s important to me to make them part of my life, to give to them, and to honor them. I feel by making them important in my life that I am also important in theirs.

My honor to Jesus is my farm and the way that I live my life. At Christmas time I have such a huge thankfulness that Jesus was born. Before God sent Jesus, he was a tougher God. And I know that in his strength he could do away with us at anytime because we are human and we mess up every single day. Humans grumble and aren’t always giving of the love and honor God deserves. I am truly thankful that having Jesus gave God a softer side. And I feel deeply that everything I have been blessed with is because of my relationship with God. And I want to use my life to honor the gifts he has given me.

I want to say Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope you have the most blessed and beautiful time with those you love. God bless and happy healing.


In some of my saddest days on the farm with the loss of some piglets, God blessed me with the surprise birth of this little guy whom we named Heavens Blue Sky.