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BY: | POSTED: April 16th, 2019

Peep peep chirp chirp. Can’t you hear the cuteness? Ducklings and chicks are little bundles of adorable fluff. With their tiny little beaks and itty bitty feet, it’s hard not wanting to scoop them right up.

Here are some very important things to consider before you make the commitment. First, remember that these are animals. They have feelings and needs. So you are going to want to be sure you can provide them with their basic needs. Ducks in particular need fresh water and plenty of space to keep their water and their food separate. They are messy little guys. They need to be kept inside warm and cozy with a heat lamp when they are babies. But also a shady spot when it gets too warm. And they most definitely need to be kept outside once they are grown. They won’t be happy as indoor pets. They also won’t be too happy alone as they are very social animals. So you will want to get more than one. And baby chicks can never get wet or they die. They are very fragile.

Second these cute little fluff balls grow into their feathers very very quickly. In just a few short weeks, they will no longer fit in the palms of your hands. This is often when the novelty of having a cute baby wears off. Those that haven’t thought this far ahead can find themselves in quite the conundrum.

Third, there is an ongoing financial commitment. Besides food, water, and housing you will also need to be prepared for veterinarian costs that will likely come up.

If any of this sounds beyond what you are prepared for, fear not! I have some easy suggestions. The first would be to visit a farm! There are usually local farms that allow petting of their animals. Google is your friend to find one close by. This could be made into a new family tradition in the spring when the baby animals are usually arriving.

If you just can’t help yourself and you just have to present your family with one of these cuties, be prepared with a plan B. Many farms are open to taking more birds. You can set something up with one ahead of time that should your family become overwhelmed with the responsibility, you can have a farm as your back up. This way everyone is safe, cared for, and happy. After all, that’s what we all want. <3

baby duck
My daughter Alissa with one of our new babies a couple of years ago