What is that Smell?

BY: | POSTED: July 26th, 2019

When thinking back to fond memories of an aging loved one, what comes to mind? A place? A food? An activity? A material item? A clothing style? A smell?

Many people associate a certain smell to their aging loved ones. And this specific odor isn’t likely what you may think!! I’m talking about nonenal. Nonenal is created when skin’s natural surface oils react with air. Lets dive a little deeper..As we approach the age of 40, our skin continues to change. We produce less and less of the collagen that keeps the skin plump and elastic.. we call this lovingly, as losing our ooey gooey skin. 

The lingering smell might be described as musty or greasy. And it has little to do with regular hygiene maintenance. Unlike other body odors such as urine, sweat, feces, or foot odor, nonenal is not water soluble. So taking a regular shower isn’t going to break down the compound left on the skin.

There aren’t a huge amount of resources at this time with verified scientific research that can point to a definitive solution on getting rid of the smell completely, but there are a few great suggestions. These include of course regular bathing, a healthy lifestyle with a clean diet and regular exercise. It has also been recommended to reduce or eliminate animal fats from the diet and drink tons of water. In the Japanese culture they use persimmon extract as it breaks down waxy substances like nonenal and Green Tea is thought to detoxify the skin and extend the deodorizing effect-(check out our #1 best selling LAVENDER GREEN TEA SHEA TREATMENT). It would also be a great idea to open the windows regularly for a fresh Breeze. Who doesn’t love a fresh breeze? 

I feel God has put everything on this green Earth to help us combat and treat almost anything we get ourselves into. So that’s what made the Japanese solution fascinating for me and wanting to share! Doesn’t it make sense that natural extracts would help break this down on the body? What do you think? Have you or a loved one had success in combating nonenal? I would love to hear your opinions and advice on helping to alleviate this common concern. We are all going to grow old.. I believe this is another way to grow old gracefully and keep smelling Fresh.