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BY: | POSTED: November 7th, 2019
Sunshine with Jewels

The flu season is upon us, which is hard to believe. But we already almost to Thanksgiving. Can you believe it? It’s always a good time to take precautions against getting sick like washing your hands (with a good source of Natural Soap) , staying home when you feel under the weather, drink lots of water, and get exercise along with a healthy diet. And during the sick season you can take more steps to protect yourself and your family.

Some studies have shown that vitamin D may be far more effective at boosting your immune system than getting the ole jab from the doctor. One particular study that had 11,000 individuals across more than a dozen different countries showed that those with the lowest vitamin D deficiency reported having more colds and cases of the flu. One of the easiest ways to get vitamin D is from the sunshine. So it makes perfect sense to me that sickness floats around during the months we tend to be inside more and therefore lose our vitamin D. Since we are talking about a deficiency, a visit to your doctor to test your vitamin levels probably wouldn’t be a bad idea so you at least know where your starting levels are. I get my vitamin D3 from Marble City Chiropractic..Dr. Bloom’s office, a very reputable local business. Our government doesn’t regulate supplements so it’s important to buy from a company you know and trust.

Another very important, yet often overlooked component for optimal health is sugar. Sugar reduces your body’s ability to fight off infections of all sorts. Halloween jumpstarts us into the cookies, cakes, and pie holiday season which is closely followed by all those chocolaty sweets from Valentines Day. So we are inside with little sun and likely eating more sugar. It’s a bad combo all around for those who want to stay healthy. Moderation is always good in these types of situations.

A couple of other things worth noting for optimum health is getting regular garlic in your diet ….I love it roasted. Garlic is an antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal. Vitamin C, oregano oil, and get yourself out side as much as possible.

If you do happen to get the sickie ickies, you can take some zinc at the first sign of an illness. And you can always refer to the video Jamie and I shared from grandma’s cupboard to knock out the illness and get you back on your feet in no time. God Bless and Happy Healing!!

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