Just in Time

BY: | POSTED: December 12th, 2019

Owning a small business can be absolutely rewarding with the personal connections you make, helping individuals with their needs, and feeling as though your purpose if being fulfilled. On the flip side it can also be discouraging and hard when it comes to getting it off the ground.

Recently I was on a vacation with my sweet husband and he sent me off to the salon to have my hair washed and blown out. Girls know the struggle. Am I right? The man washing my hair bluntly asked me “what did you do to your hair?” I was a little taken back by this question. I wasn’t sure if he was eluding to a positive thing or a negative thing and I think my face expressed my apprehension. He quickly clarified by pulling my damp hair up and out for the light to shine through and stated, “from the looks of it you changed something for the better about a year ago. What did you change?”

Of course my friends and family who are reading this know my past hair struggles and how I researched my butt off to find something to change my situation. I created my own special blend of leave in hair tonic that has changed my hair from the five stringy strands (as my aunts who are also my hairdressers said) to a completely different texture. They call my new hair growth “Super Strands!!”  And this was evident by the way he was holding my hair up to the light. I know it’s been working but when a complete stranger has nothing to compare it to can see it in the actual strands then there is just something about that validation. He pointed to my “crappy hair” as he called it (the last four inches or so) to the rest of my strands up to the root. And he went on to say that he must have it and that he wanted to know me because this product will change people and their lives. Face it, we all love and need our hair. It is like our security blanket.

I just had to share this with you. Not in a boastful or bragging way, but in a way that just shows God’s special timing. I am human and I have my moments of self-doubt. I have those moments where I feel the weight of continued education and getting products in the hands of those who need it the most. And you guys, I am here to tell you that each and every time I have ever thought about stopping God has stepped in. He shows me it’s not time yet and I need to continue the march forward. And this was one of those times.

I believe in my heart that it’s important to talk to God daily. And it’s just as important to be still and listen as well. Happy healing my friends and God bless.

I have bangs!!